BiBS announces Season 3 Playoffs

Both the EU and NA multi-division groupstage have come to a conclusion and both continents will see a playoff system take place!

PAINE explains:
This is how we put up the playoffs…

For the European teams: two clans from each group – 2 groups per division – advance to the playoffs, in two tiers. The upper tier contains the clans from division 1 to 3, and the lower tier the clans from division 4 to 6.
The NA structure is a bit different, find out more on their announcement.

Playoffs are scheduled to be played on May 30, so that means a very busy Sunday early-evening as games start from 17:00 CET up to the final which is scheduled around 21:30 CET.

We all hope many teams will heed the call and show up for some exciting Capture the Flag action!