BiBS S03 groups and roster!

Some time ago we posted about the announcement of Bring it Back Safely Season 3 and a good 45 days later, with somewhere in between two drafts of possible groups seeding, the guys from BiBS have released the final groups and match rosters for their 3rd Season of Capture The Flag!

The Europeans are divided into 6 divisions, each having an A and B group, with each holding 5 to 6 clans. This combines to a big 5 weeks of non stop CTF action and that’s exactly what we need as TDM has had it’s fair share of being the dominant gametype for too long already.

The North American league features 3 divisions, also each with an A and B group, holding 4 to 5 clans.

Week 1 starts on Monday, March 29th so that’s today for both EU and NA locations!

Click the appropriate pages for details on the divisions and roster!

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