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One aspect of maintaining a good website is readability. Nowadays wide screen monitors are as cheap as older 4:3 ratio monitors, and for multimedia and gaming, this usually gives a better experience.

There is one downfall of going widescreen and that’s browsing the web. Traditionally websites are made to scroll vertically, not horizontally due to logical structuring and perhaps even printer supportability. However, a gaming website is often not meant to be printed and the visitors prefer to have as much on their screen as possible without losing precious space on wallpapers on the side of the website’s content.

This is why we’re curious to see what resolution, and more important what width, that our visitors use on their desktop and to surf the web on their main computer!
Remember, we don’t want ingame resolution, only desktop resolution. For example, I game at 1920*1200 but my desktop resolution is 1440*900 or the letters on my 15.4″ notebook screen would become tiny! Therefor I vote 1440.
Vote away!


  • Lashknife

    Because in general, that’s what website designers base themselves on. I simply assume there are far more people who surf maximized than in a tiny window somewhere tucked away in right top corner of your screen at a width/height of 356×281

    Desktop resolution is only a guideline to know what the approximate size of a website can be so a user can view the entire width at once without side scrolling.

    Nobody forces you to view it maximized, but I assume most people do when cruising around the net as many don’t like to side scroll.

  • Lashknife

    I was pointed to that by Malice right after publishing the poll

    but also, readers vs visitors… I prefer a poll, people who care will vote, people who accidentally stop by because they were linked to an article here might not see the poll.

  • Dimmo

    Usability design is a design for everyone who visits the site and not only for the people who participate the polls. Of course the poll is a method, but this one leaves too much conditions for errors. More of an information would give a question “do you browse web full screen, maximized or windowed”.

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