ESWC next week!

The Electronic Sports World Cup finally knows its last qualified players as Garpy secured the spot on the UK lan qualifications and ferus won the Swedish online qualifier.

This means that Disneyland Paris will see 20 players compete with each other in the ESWC Grand Final 2010.

[belarus] Cypher, [usa] Dahang, [germany] k1llsen, [italy] Stermy, [austria] Noctis, [spain] Sl1p, [belgium] dem0n, [usa] Rapha, [sweden] Spart1e, [poland] av3k, [france] Strenx, [france] l1nkje, [poland] Bodzo, [russia] Cooller, [russia] evil, [slovenia] Careem, [sweden] Fazz, [sweden] madix, [uk] GaRpY and [sweden] ferus.

What a list! This surely means a load of battles to be played according to the following schedule:

  • Thursday, July 1st: Group Stage 1
  • Saturday, July 3th: Group Stage 2 and Playoffs
  • Sunday, July 3rd: Final at 15:00 CET

The system consists of 4 groups with each 5 players (stage 1), of which the top 2 proceed in 2 groups of 4 (stage 2) and to be concluded in a 4 player, single elimination bracket.

Map pool consists of the usual: qzdm6, qzdm13, qztourney7, qztourney9 and ztntourney1

And all that for a nice prize stash of $ 8000 for the gold, $ 4000 for the silver and $ 2000 for the bronze! Impressive!

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