House of Quake CA 2v2 and Duel last rounds!

About 4 months ago, the House of Quake leagues started and their most prominent gametype was Clan Arena in a 2vs2 and 3vs3 setup! But a duel competition also was available for those who fancy 1v1 mano-a-mano action!

3vs3 Clan Arena
Whoops, no last rounds there as they just entered the playoff stage! Awesome stuff going on in 3 on 3 CA action. Follow it all on the CA 3on3 page!

But on to more urgent matters:

2vs2 Clan Arena
Now Thursday the 8th of July, both semi finals will be played in this 2 on 2 CA league. At 20:00 CET, [belgium] meK^ will take on [germany] PBJ and later at 21:00 [hungary] skzi will face [germany] +fwd. After both semis, the final will be played (estimated to be around 22:00 CET)
Both semis are Bo3 and the main final will be a Bo5.

A 2nd season has been announced already for which you can sign up!

With just a few more games to go, the semi finals are creeping upon us. Nonetheless, for duel as well, the 2nd season has been announced and is open for registration, so sign up while you can!

More info: