Moment of Fame 3 – Trailer

I love fragmovies! Either they are packed with nice sequences of several players hitting incredible frags, or just a compilation with very fun moments where a flag gets returned and a cap is just made right on the buzzer.

All that with nice transitions, some good music in the background and you’re good for some “ooh!” and “haha i lol’d” or “wtf? wish I could do that” for the upcoming minutes.

So that’s why I’m already looking forward to Boleslav69’s next episode of Holysh1t Moment of Fame, where you yourselves are the stars!


For now, enjoy the trailer! Or replay our previous episodes right from the sidebar!

And keep sending in demos of cool frags, nice flagruns, impressive killstreaks or quadruns or even very funny failures to and who knows, you may well be in the next one!