Nations Cup 2010 (TDM)

qlnc2010With all the bigtime 1on1 competitions out there, one could easily forget that there are indeed other gametypes worth playing and watching, and a nations cup is exactly the kind of competition that deserves a good amount of attention!

Last year, the guys from tried to organize the first QuakeLive nationscup ever, but to be honest, it was a little too early yet to actually do a nations cup for Quake Live. Teams were unstable, no private servers caused big issues for practicing, players were still figuring out who ranks higher than the other in Quake Live. You could not just fall back on oldschool Quake 3 information to determine who should be in the nations team.

But now, it is again time to run a fresh Nations Cup, and the Quake Quick Cup organizers have released the details:

  • The gametype will be TDM!
  • Registration will start on November 24th and runs for a month up to December 24th.
  • First matchweek is scheduled for the week of Januari 1st, 2010. (Also see the full match schedule here.)
  • All participating nation teams will be seeded into 4 groups, of which the top 2 will advance to the playoffs.
  • Playoffs features a Double Elimination structure with Best-of-3 matchsystem.

Hopefully as many teams as possible will participate and commit to this nations cup, so that we may perhaps see the QuickCup guys organize one for CTF as well!

More info: