Update: Paris servers down

There seems to be a problem in Paris, France. Sponge just notified us via the Quake Live site news that the servers in Paris are decommissioned by their hosting partner:

The servers in Paris have been decommissioned by our hosting partner, and have been taken offline. We are in the process of moving them to a new location within their coverage area, and will update this post when they are online.

I will add a follow-up as soon as they post more, but if you want the latest news, read it here.

Read more for the update!

Sponge has updated the original post and added that a new Rotterdam (The Netherlands) location will replace the Paris (La France) location. This seems to be odd, as The Netherlands already had a location with servers in Amsterdam. It looks like there will be no more servers hosted in France.

Update: Our new Rotterdam location, replacing France, is now online.
Update 2: We are also able to announce the launch of a new Argentina server.

Argentina however is added as a new location to host servers, so the South American players will be able to enjoy better pings. Quake Live player Fraze was urging Id Software to think about the (western) Australian Perth servers and bring them back as well.