Pro settings see the daylight!

It had to happen sooner or later: pro settings. Many screamed for it, many don’t care at all, and perhaps some haven’t figured out yet what this “pro” thing is that is labeled on several TDM servers nowadays.

In a first step towards competition settings – in case you forgot, they are working on it ;) – a small difference has been made public: a change in weapon spawn times on TDM servers. Players new to Quake Live know only the regular spawn settings, but Quake 3 spawn times originally were 30 seconds for a weapon. This lead to heavy competitive behavior and map control was crucial as without a gun, making a difference suddenly became very hard.

Quake Live introduced a shorter weapon spawn, which gave freshly spawned players a breath of air, but annoyed the opponent also because that same map control lost a significant part of it’s importance. But now the longer weapon spawn time is back in town, and players have to review their gamestyle. However, Quake Live features another impact on teamplay that Quake 3 didn’t have: drop weapon.

bind KEY “dropweapon; say_team Here, free juju for you!”

This particular command will definitely become very important for teamplay with the longer weapon spawn, as it eliminates the hiding for players and seeking a gun. I’m anxious to see games where teams successfully mix the longer weapon spawn with the drop weapon command.

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