QLPrism update

A few days old now, but this great Quake Live browser has received another update. QLPrism is an all-in-one Quake Live browser/client with direct links to all the QL streams, an IRC client built-in, greasemonkey scripts for a better user-experience in the Quake Live server browser and more.

One of the most notable updates is built-in support for QLM, the Quake Live Messenger. This allows anyone to chat on IRC from within the game. The QLM bot is currently sitting cosy in our #holysh1t channel on irc.quakenet.org.

It is now also possible to switch fast between accounts. This functionality is based off the Secure Login extension made by Sebastian Tschan.

Read more for the QLPrism changelog.

Download it here.

Version 4.38 (02/13/2013):

* (Linux/Windows): Added ability to quickly log into and log out from (multiple) accounts when password has been saved in QLPrism. Click the new lightning icon for more information. 
Thank you to Sebastian Tschan for the original extension (Secure Login) that has now been modified to provide this functionality specifically for QuakeLive
* (Linux/Windows): Added (very basic!) support for my Quake Live Messenger (QLM) relay system. Click the ‘QLM’ button above the server browser for more information & to add “QLM” to your QL friends list to use the system.
** Please visit http://qlm.qlprism.us for the full command list and information on how to use this system! **
In short, QLM is a messenger bot that allows you to:
Advertise that you’re looking for a duel (sends message with your current server & ELO information to multiple QuakeNet IRC channels and online QLM users)
Advertise that your clan is looking for a TDM clan match (sends message with your server, your ELO and the average of your clan’s ELO) to multple QuakeNet channels and QLM users
Send messages from the chatbox on the QL website or from in-game (/tell_buddy) to multiple QuakeNet IRC channels or to a single channel as well as all other users who use QLM
Send messages from IRC to in-game players who also use QLM
Send a message from one QuakeNet IRC channel to all other channels that the QLM bot is in
* (Linux/Windows): Status bar can be toggled by pressing F2 key or clicking “-” icon on status bar.
* (Linux/Windows): Clicking the scroll wheel now has the same effect as CTRL+V (pasting)
* (Linux/Windows): Added ‘Linkify for Plus for Quake Live’ script that creates clickable links in QL chat (thanks kry)
* (Linux/Windows): Added Quake Live In-game Friends Commands script, which adds the following new console commands:
/friends – Lists online friends and shows if they are ingame or not.
/show friend – Shows short info about your friend and info about game he/she is in.
/join friend – Join friends game.
* (Linux/Windows): Added updated version of Quake Live Extended Stats script (thanks Lam)
* (Linux/Windows): Removed a couple outdated/buggy scripts
* (Linux/Windows): QLPrism may now use slightly less memory on many systems
* (Linux/Windows): Minor visual improvements and a few new icons. Minor re-skinning of IRC theme. It now uses QL’s in-game font and is bigger than old font for improved readability. To use the old theme instead, use the QLPrism Configuration utility.
* (Windows): Added option to QLPrism Config Utility to fix “QLPrism is already running” error