Quake Live configs for download

If you want to try Quake Live config files of other players, this is your chance. In this post we want to give you the opportunity to compare other player’s config with your own.

No example screenshots have been added yet. Quake Live is still in a closed beta fase and publishing screenshots would break the Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA).

Configs from the professionals

It is a pretty standard Quake Live config but all the important commands are there.

On stermy.com, the most known Italian quaker is sharing his Quake Live config. This config is what you would expect from an experienced player like stermy. It has all the right settings for optimal gameplay at the expense of the graphics, of course. Definitely worth a try if you don’t care about the graphics.

Configs from the community

This is a very well documented config which makes it easily customizable. The resolution is set to 1920*1200 but this can of course be changed: r_mode in console or config file or via the game menu.

This config has 3 scripts, i.e. a volume-, a demo- and a zoomscript (you will have to write +zoom when joining a new server). Maximum FPS has been set to 75, this makes the game more smooth on a TFT screen. A thin lightning gun beam and small rail trail might be cool extras to make this config worthwile to try.

If you’re looking for nice graphics, don’t try this config. If your computer can’t keep up with Quake Live on high detail, you might give this config a try. Almost all graphics have been removed. Not only to improve FPS but more importantly to improve the gameplay.

If you wish to see your config in the list, please post a link to your config in the commentbox below with some information.


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