Should ask Quake Live devs for private servers?


In the last few days we couldn’t help but notice how clanbase has nearly 30 private Quake Live servers to their disposal to run CB competitions.

clanbase-quake-live-servers1This made us curious if it would be reasonable for us to ask 1 or 2 private servers for as well. Just for the sake of refiring some of that interest in those pickup games Quakers have come to love in the past few years.

[15:52] -echbot10– 3weeks 159hours 4mins 33secs ago

Currently the last pickup game was played nearly 4 weeks ago. During the closed beta when servers were still 8 max, over 30 games were played on a weekly basis.

It’s understandable these games have tremendously slowed down when you consider how difficult it now is to organize a pickup game. First of all you need to find an empty server. Then you need to guide all 10 (!) players on that one server before all other pub players find their way to the game. As you can imagine, this whole process is a pain if you’re not able to lock a server.

So with this in mind, and the fact there are over 150 people idling, all eager to play pickup games if it weren’t so difficult, we are now asking you all in this new poll if it sounds reasonable for the channel to ask id software developers for 2 private servers, just like Clanbase got. One server for TDM games and another for CTF games.

Sorry, there are no polls available at the moment.