Should ask Quake Live devs for private servers?

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In the last few days we couldn’t help but notice how clanbase has nearly 30 private Quake Live servers to their disposal to run CB competitions.

clanbase-quake-live-servers1This made us curious if it would be reasonable for us to ask 1 or 2 private servers for as well. Just for the sake of refiring some of that interest in those pickup games Quakers have come to love in the past few years.

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Currently the last pickup game was played nearly 4 weeks ago. During the closed beta when servers were still 8 max, over 30 games were played on a weekly basis.

It’s understandable these games have tremendously slowed down when you consider how difficult it now is to organize a pickup game. First of all you need to find an empty server. Then you need to guide all 10 (!) players on that one server before all other pub players find their way to the game. As you can imagine, this whole process is a pain if you’re not able to lock a server.

So with this in mind, and the fact there are over 150 people idling, all eager to play pickup games if it weren’t so difficult, we are now asking you all in this new poll if it sounds reasonable for the channel to ask id software developers for 2 private servers, just like Clanbase got. One server for TDM games and another for CTF games.


  • Vindex


    You should ask, what’s the worst that can happen? They say no ?

    I have mentioned to the BiBs guys about asking for a priv server or 2 for their Euro CTF league. They have 28 teams signed up, so they wouldn’t go to waste.

  • marle

    Stupid poll.
    Offcourse you should ask for private server.

    Tbh: we need it, and they need it.
    When there are private server, more games (pickups) will be played.
    And thats wat the sponsers want to see.

  • Malice

    Well I dont know if its stupid. I don’t think just anyone could ask for private servers. Else every league could just go ask.

    Of course we can ask. But does it sound plausible we could actually get 1?

  • marle

    Don’t think anyone here, will be against private server.
    Or we can have it is a complete diffrent story.

    If there will be private servers for everyone in the next weeks.
    They won’t go into work to give us private servers now.

    if it takes longer, maybe they could do this effort.

  • xephyr

    I already asked id software for private servers for, without success.

    Ask as often as you want but you’ll have to wait until priv servers go public.

  • rax

    Yea it would be good to obtain a private server for the purpose of Pickups but, as xephyr said, you can ask all you want.. ID won’t provide one.

    ID are just extremely unhelpfull to the community.

  • Lashknife


    Lk?s idea anyway ;P

    Yeah blame me :'( lol

    Anyway, I came up with this question but would only provide vote options 1? yes and 2? yes :D Besides I said this because I forgot what i wanted to do a poll about.

    When I remember it, we’ll poll it :p

  • Teecee

    We put some life back into the pickups, but priv servers would be verry nice.
    I think if it happens the pickup bot wont get any rest for sure

  • Malice

    Teecee: We put some life back into the pickups, but priv servers would be verry nice.
    I think if it happens the pickup bot wont get any rest for sure

    But considering what’s been said already I’d think the odds are very slim.

  • Malice

    So I asked a dev who said it’s reasonable to consider this. He referred me to clanbase who manages 30 servers already. They however explain to me its currently nearly impossible to have private servers for a pickup type format considering how passwords often change change and new servers spawn all the time, replacing old ones.

  • Lashknife

    So even the clanbase servers are not fixed? They are like 4 tdm servers who sometimes change location and/or password but always 4 in total?

    Some weird system…

  • Malice

    nope not fixed

    they all have default password

    if they want to change password from time to time they have to each time change the password to the new password… cause when servers rotate the default password is used (initially set by the ql devs)

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