What type of maps would you like to see more of in Quake Live? [POLL]

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quake-live-pollSince the previous poll about two weeks ago, it has been established that more than 90% of the people passing by this website think Quake Live is worth a score of at least 3 out of 5.

Today we’re curious to know what type of maps all of you would prefer to see more of in Quake Live.

It was previously said that the creation of new maps in Quake Live would depend on the success of the game.

Seeing how Quake Live received more attention than id software had ever dared to hope upon launch, I can only guess they are taking this as a sign to start mapping even more!

Just to make it even more interesting I also added the qzTRAINING option, even though there’s currently only one map like that and it’s not at all sure id software will ever make more of these.

This poll allows you to select max 2 options and will probably run about 2 weeks.


  • twincannon

    More of everything would be nice…

    Might sound greedy to say, but honestly, it’s quake 3. Map turnaround times are blazingly fast. And there is a huge resource of maps for them to pick up if they allow people to submit maps and accept them (ra3, threewave, ztn, cpma map, the q1/q2 map packs).

    Given that I’d probably say make another training map to teach people about movement.

  • SkankinRudy

    I would love some training maps, but I voted for TDM and CTF because I feel I’d use them a lot more.

    The process might be slower for incorporating community maps because didn’t they say they would hold map contests or something? I guess they just want to ensure quality.

  • Lashknife

    ctf maps as it’s all i’ve played so far and as such have no view how many or how good the non-ctf maps are.

    And a callvote norunes/runes option so we can also use some of the rune maps (some of them are perfectly usable as regular ctf maps :)

  • Torzelan

    TDM and Duel. Love to play the former and watch the latter, but both are almost always played on the same few maps. Some existing maps just need a little tweaking too.

  • Malice

    I srsly could see myself being addicted to some defrag style maps :P
    Even some basic strafe pads like the ocp1 map could keep me entertained for several hours ;P

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