By Xephyr (23-nov-2008)

Holysh1t Quake Live community was initially created for the Quake Live CTF community. It all started with the pickup channel #euqlctf (on QuakeNet).
The channel with its pickup games grew rapidly, which showed that Capture The Flag still is a very popular game type. While in the closed beta stage, #euqlctf already had over 30 games per week!
Some players in the community decided there should be a place for the community to gather, and thus this website was born.

In the meantime we have become more than just a CTF community.

The name “Holysh1t”

As most of you know, the name Holysh1t is derived from the ingame event of shooting the enemy flag carrier right on the brink of scoring a capture, awarded by the ingame voiceover of “holy shit”.
This typical event does not happen too often and is always really fun to watch (except if you’re the victim :p ). (Example on YouTube)


Things we achieved, are achieving or plan to achieve.

  • To bring important news of the Quake Live community: scene news, cups & league news, interviews and more!
  • Keep the community together by offering a solid pickup channel where everyone – no matter what skill level – can play fun and balanced CTF and TDM games.
  • Provide a solid base of beginner, advanced and expert guides that can help with getting the most fun out of Quake Live!
  • Coverage: be a point of connection between all the Quake Live related websites out there by covering our and their activities.


A compact overview of the bigger steps holysh1t.net has undertaken.

  • 22-jul-2008: #euqlctf started, offering CTF pickups.
  • 23-nov-2008: www.holysh1t.net website started, based on WordPress. [v.0 & v.1]
  • 01-dec-2008: #euqlctf moved to #qlpickup.eu, now organizing TDM pickups as well.
  • 08-mar-2009: New website launched, containing more features and a better design regarding content-structure. [v.2]
  • 19-mar-2009: Site migrated to a new webhost, which allows future growth more easy.
  • 27-mar-2011: Site migrated to another webhost, balancing cost-load-requirements.
  • 03-apr-2011: Fresh theme applied, WP upgrade causing old theme to break on several items. [v.3]
Version 0
Version 1
Version 2
Version 3


  • Holysh1t will not share or sell any user information.
  • All messages express the views of the author, and Holysh1t.net will not be held responsible for the content of posts/replies on this website.
  • Holysh1t reserves the right to remove any user and/or post/comment from this website if they deem it unacceptable. (This includes but is not restricted to discrimination, spam, racism, …)
  • We’re not in it for the money, and any revenues from whatever source like advertising is intended to be used to support this community.
  • Holysh1t will not post any content or send any email that is infected by a virus or other malware or with the intention to spam users.


Holysh1t would like to express their thanks to:

  • idsoftware for bringing the best competition game ever back for free in the form of Quake Live!
  • Also a big thanks to all people who helped starting our Holysh1t.net community and for all the efforts in trying to keep this community solid and together.
  • Regards to all the players out there – both beginner, advanced and expert – for your support and help in whatever way. You all matter. Keep reading our website and playing the game!