Holysh1t.net is looking for a crew!

Holysh1t is currently one of the biggest public Quake Live communities out there with on average 200 people at #qlpickup.eu and over 1500 people visiting the website on a daily basis.

Yet we still have the ambition to do much more than we’re already doing. Besides beginner guides, interviews and strategy discussion we also wish to provide event coverage,  organize our own online tournaments and who knows what else.

But to achieve all this we need help from the people within this community. We can’t do everything by ourselves anymore and we would like to get as much enthusiastic people on board as possible!

Basic requirements:

  • Be somewhat active. As a crew member you should try and contribute with a newspost once every 2 weeks if possible. Keeping the community updated of a running event would obviously also qualify as being active.
  • English language. Good knowledge of the English language and the ability to use a spelling checker are important.
  • Game knowledge. Basic knowledge of the game Quake will definitely come in handy when contributing to a Quake Live community.
  • IRC. We all gather on IRC, so being available there as well is important.

Possible tasks:

  • Follow events and keep the community updated (for example the QL TDM nations cup);
  • Write guides or strategy posts;
  • Write about anything else related to Quake Live;
  • Help organize online tournaments which Holysh1t.net will run in the future;
  • Create videos for on YouTube (somewhat with video editing skills is very welcome right now!)
  • etc …

What does Holysh1t.net offer in return?

  • Your contributions will be read by hundreds of people on a daily basis, possibly thousands if Quake Live hits it big.
  • You will work together with a dedicated group of people.
  • You will be a full worthy member and your input will matter. We all work together and help each other out with things.
  • No money (we are all volunteers).

How do you apply?

Contact us and tell us a bit about yourself, your skills and your history in games.

Thanks for your interest and good luck!

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