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quake-live-ircGamers have often gathered on IRC to chat with other gamers. This is definitely no different for Quake Live. The game’s still in the beta, yet already several public Quake Live community channels have emerged. On this page we want to help you join these IRC communites by linking to some useful IRC guides and listing some relevant IRC chat channels in the Quake Live community.

What exactly is IRC?

A great definition of IRC can be found on the mIRC FAQ page. To summarize, IRC is a way of chatting and networking with other people that’s been nearly as old as the internet. You connect to a certain server, such as Quakenet, and then join upto 20 channels, such as the #qlpickup.eu channel.

How do I join the IRC chat network?

To join IRC you must use an IRC client. This can be either an online based IRC client or a software based IRC client. Personally I would highly recommend a software version. Though if you just want to take IRC for a testride first, try mibbit irc.

However, if you want full functioning stand alone software, I highly suggest getting a downloadable IRC client. The most popular is undoubtedly mIRC. To install mIRC read the mIRC installation guide on their website.

Quake Live Community Channels

Once you’ve installed IRC you’re ready and set to go. The whole quake live community is gathered on the Quakenet servers, so be sure to select this as your server when you start. Once you are connected to irc.quakenet.org, type the following in your chatbox to join a certain irc channel, for example, /join #qlpickup.eu to join Holysh1t’s personal Quake Live Community channel.

What follows is a list of quake live channels. If you have a channel you think is relevant for this page and which has not been listed yet, leave a comment below with the details.

Holysh1t.net Channel

Quake Live General Channels

  • #quakelive – official Quake Live channel
  • #quakelive.support – Unofficial Quake Live Support channel
  • #qlpickup.eu – European European Union pickup channel
  • #qlictf – European European Union iCTF pickup & league channel
  • #naqltdm – North American United States TDM pickup channel
  • #naqlctf – North American United States CTF pickup channel
  • #naqlca – North American United States CA pickup channel
  • #naql1v1 – North American United States 1v1 pickup channel

European Quake Live Nation Channels

European Quake Live Teams / Clans

Leave a comment below if you know a Quake Live related IRC channel that you would like to see listed here. Channels must be either nation or clan related.