Quake games have always been highly customizable by either executing configs or typing the cvars or commands straight into the console. Quake Live is no different.
For new players or for those who come from other games, it seems as if the experienced players get an edge over them. It must be said that config tweaking is not cheating in any way, because new players also have the option to tweak as much as they want. However, the console is not the most user friendly place if you’re not familiar with it, so I decided to provide an online Quake Live config generator to quickly adjust several ingame settings without having to go through all the available cvars and commands.

Remark: even though it seems most Quake 3 commands and cvars still exist in Quake Live, some are different. It is therefore not advised to just execute your Quake 3 config because it has been reported it can lead to a game crash!

How to use:

  1. Navigate through the available tabs to see what options you can set.
  2. If you hover the mouse over a text field or checkbox, it shows a small explanation of what the ingame command looks like and what it does.
  3. When you have set all options to your likings, or if you changed options after generating a config, just go to the Generate tab and press the Update button.
  4. Some options require the video rendering system to restart, do this using the vid_restart command.
  5. Download the config into your Quake Live home directory. Once ingame, you can execute it using the command: /exec configname

the config generator has been discontinued