Quake games have always been highly customizable by either executing configs or typing the cvars or commands straight into the console. Quake Live is no different.
For new players or for those who come from other games, it seems as if the experienced players get an edge over them. It must be said that config tweaking is not cheating in any way, because new players also have the option to tweak as much as they want. However, the console is not the most user friendly place if you’re not familiar with it, so I decided to provide an online Quake Live config generator to quickly adjust several ingame settings without having to go through all the available cvars and commands.

Remark: even though it seems most Quake 3 commands and cvars still exist in Quake Live, some are different. It is therefore not advised to just execute your Quake 3 config because it has been reported it can lead to a game crash!

How to use:

  1. Navigate through the available tabs to see what options you can set.
  2. If you hover the mouse over a text field or checkbox, it shows a small explanation of what the ingame command looks like and what it does.
  3. When you have set all options to your likings, or if you changed options after generating a config, just go to the Generate tab and press the Update button.
  4. Some options require the video rendering system to restart, do this using the vid_restart command.
  5. Download the config into your Quake Live home directory. Once ingame, you can execute it using the command: /exec configname

the config generator has been discontinued  


  • searrard

    Correct me if I’m wrong but should I leave max packets at half my fps… 63 for 125 fps

    I’ve been looking for an adequate reason for this but I cant seem to find one

    • Lashknife


      No you shouldn’t, optimally you should match your fps with world updates, resulting in 1 server update for each frame update on your screen. Optimal refresh this way. However, each packet results ofcourse in upload and in the times of Q3, bandwidth was not as fast and reliable as it is today. So if you had stuttering worldupdates because your upload speed was saturated, you could choose to take half the fps and as such have 1 update per 2 frames, still making a proper syncratio (1 for 2)

      Upsetchaps once explained this very good for Q3 but that theory is also not uptodate since q3 movement was influenced by fps but ql movement is not.

  • Darin

    Question: Whenever I pickup a weapon or switch weapons. It will show what I have right above the HUD. What command is it to remove it? It’s really annoying…I don’t to see what weapon I picked up.

  • Darin

    I set it to both 0 and tried 1. It still keeps the classic bar.

    To get rid of it I had to change these to default.

    set ui_bigfont “” // Hudfont size of health, armor and ammo counters
    set ui_smallfont “” // Hudfont manipulation

    It seems it got screwd up because of my previous autoexec.cfg

    Works now!

  • Lashknife

    simon1987: There is a typo on the jpeg screen shot. The command should be screenshotjpeg with an E not just screenshotjpg.

    Thanks for noticing, I adjusted it so bind f11 gives screenshotjpeg not jpg :)


    Hey there, love the generator, but I put the config file in my directory like you said, and I do the /exec command, but it doesn’t work for some reason =/

    It just says “Couldn’t exec autoexec.cfg”

    Any help would really be appreciated

    Thanks =)

  • Lashknife

    sansai: Great work. Only lacks the possibility to set different sensitivities, fovs, xhairs and so on depending on the weapon (bind).
    Thanks a lot.

    Look at the adv-weap page and click the “use advanced weapon control” checkbox.
    Zoomfov is there but regular fov is not as I read that it might cause fps drops. I could include it, there’s room.

  • ASTA83

    Hello I love the tool however, it used to work but now it only works with graphics and the Adv weapon does not load at all.
    When I try to download on IE and Firefox on two different computers still does
    not work download a 0 b byte cfg file? any suggestions.

  • Matt Ward

    This is a great tool – good job! :-)

    A nice feature would the ability to upload an existing CFG file. This would save the need to reenter information from scratch when changing any settings. Apologies if this capability is already in the tool – I looked but couldn’t find this option.

  • !nFerNo

    I’m not liking this new generator for 1 bit :(
    I selected the tab weapons and it litterally scrolled through all the other tabs!? Can’t you make that instant? :p The scrolling is extremely laggy as well. You know my system :)

  • Lashknife

    Infy, it takes the same script time (625msec) to scroll from any “current” tab to your selected tab, be it the next or 5 further tab.
    However, Firefox seems to have big issues on scrolling, you should compare to google chrome (or any other: safari, opera, ie7/8 even)
    I have been testing several things for days now, nothing will make it faster so i’m gonna eliminate the scrolling effect for firefox and do insta jump to tab. Sorry folks, but compared to any other browser, firefox is a slowass JS rendering piece of junk :D

  • Lashknife

    Matt Ward: I looked but couldn?t find this option.

    It’s already on my todo list but it’s really hard implementing this as parsing through the values is one thing, but how to handle all the custom stuff is another. People can have additional things that I don’t have room for and I would have to separate that, and readd it after generating. Without having any insight if there might be conflicts in settings.

    but as said, it’s already on my todo list :)

  • Lashknife

    ASTA83: Hello I love the tool however, it used to work but now it only works with graphics and the Adv weapon does not load at all.
    When I try to download on IE and Firefox on two different computers still does
    not work download a 0 b byte cfg file? any suggestions.

    Fixed, had some JS issues.
    Changelog for details

    Downloads work fine for me, if this happens after my fixes, please let me know!

  • Matt Ward

    Lashknife: but as said, it?s already on my todo list

    Marvellous! :-) It does indeed sound like a tricky thing to manage…

    I’ve noticed that my attempts to configure the keyboard binds for dropflag and dropweapon aren’t working. I’m specifying the keypad keys * and – for dropflag and dropweapon respectively and this is being entered into the config file like so:

    bind “KP_MINUS” “” // Ingame command to drop the current weapon you’re holding so another player can pick it up.
    bind “*” “” // Ingame command to drop the flag so another team member can pick it up.

    It seems that sometimes the binds work, and sometimes they don’t. I think that they don’t work when using the CFG file as autoexec.cfg, but they do work (I think) when I manually run /exec autoexec.cfg when in-game. It looks like the specific commands aren’t being automatically entered into the bind commands above?

    Any thoughts?!

    On a related note, when I manually run /exec autoexec.cfg when in-game, all my configuration options seem to work (apart from the dropflag/weapon binds above) but I get an error in the console stating an unknown command “max” (or similar).

    I’m just using the CFG file generated by the tool and I can’t spot any obvious issues/syntax errors relating to the word ‘max’. I’ve repeated the auto-generation of the CFG file several times, but I always seem to get this error when manually exec’ing the file in-game. When using the file as autoexec.cfg then I don’t receive any errors when starting Quake Live.

    Would it help to mail you the CFG file?

    Thanks for your help and for making this excellent tool! :-)

  • Matt Ward

    Thanks mate – I’ve mailed you over my CFG file!

    You might want to just double-check your old-style weapon toggles. I’ve just noticed that when specifying the old/new style plasma, rocket & rail weapon models, the cg_oldplasma/rocket/rail setting is the wrong way round using the tool.

    For instance, to get the new style railgun when using the ‘cg_oldrail’ setting, it needs to be set as ‘0’ to “turn off” the old model, but this is set the wrong way round when using the tool (i.e. the tool incorrectly specifies ‘1’ when you choose the ‘new style’, which actually causes you to end up with the old model).


  • Lashknife

    You are correct and the blame is my lazyness because I copy/pasted those 2 lines of code from the newweaponbar style, but idd, oldstyle vs newstyle and I should have swapped the values.

    Screenshots represented were showing the correctly assumed value, but the labels in the box didn’t make sense.


    ps: the “max” problem is because it seems that having a // comment in config will stop commenting if you include a ; in that comment. The next word I used sometimes happened to be max, so it sees what follows as an active command and fails on it.
    Just replace it with a comma in your config, I will replace any incorrect ; in my script so it won’t happen again.

  • Matt Ward

    Hi Lashknife – aha, that would explain it! :-)

    Is it just ; characters that seem to disrupt the commentary sections? Are there any other non-alphabetic characters that are percieved as illegal and/or end the commentary sections? For instance, are : and . characters OK in comments?

    I’ll have a scan through my CFG file to swap ; for , characters (as you advise) and so I’m just wondering if there is anything else that I should look for/swap while I’m at it?

    Do you know when the autoexec.cfg file is parsed/processed by the Quake Live engine? Does it happen once (for instance, when you initially login to the web portal) or is it processed each time you join a game?

    If it is the latter and you have a manual CFG file (not named autoexec.cfg), does that mean that you have to manually /exec the CFG file each and every time you join a game? Or do the settings from a manually /exec’d CFG file persist for new games that you select from the web portal?

  • Lashknife

    autoexec stuff loads on game start, browsing ql website has nothing to do with game files.

    set = to set a variable for this session
    seta = to set a variable and write it in config (so it should remember)

    however autoexec will replace what’s there every time of course, but a non-autoexec, you need to launch that yourself (once for SETA’s, every time for SETs)

  • Matt Ward

    At the risk of drifting slightly off-topic, at what point do the control/game settings (defined in the user-profile section of the Quake Live GUI) get applied?

    I’ve noticed that when I have a conflicting setting defined in both the QL GUI and in my autoexec.cfg file, the latter wins (i.e. the autoexec.cfg file takes precedent over any user profile settings defined in the GUI). From what you have said above, this is to be expected.

  • Lashknife

    Another bug bites the dust. This happened due to renaming id’s of text fields but forgot the chatarea.
    I kinda overlooked it because when generating a config myself, i didnt include chatbinds as I already have my own chat.cfg file :D
    whoops, thanks alot!

  • MrBubbles

    Hi there,
    I found a bug. When you assign a keybind to ragequit it wont generate the config file right. It stops at the ragequit keybind. I tried it in Opera and Mozilla Firefox…

    BTW: Nice work, keep it up! ;-)

  • Shishkebab001

    Hey, my fullscreen is slow and should be working fine on my pc i put in r_displayrefresh 85 but doesnt seem to make a difference… can anyone help ?

  • Lashknife

    if you have a crt and you want to use vsync then you need both r_swapinterval 1 (use vsync) and com_maxfps 85 + r_displayrefresh 85 to properly sync everything.

    post your system specs, dump your config somehere on the net (pastebin.com for example) and reply, i’ll take a look.

  • GeekBait

    Poop i forgot to say:
    If i check unbindall there is no way to set Chat History
    (and maybe other usefull binds)

    Also no way to set seta r_texturemode triLin or biLin

    Great job so far.

  • Lashknife

    picmip is fixed

    r_texturemode is not in it because this generator is meant to help people get started quickly. People who really want to change texture mode, know what this cvar is for and can do so manually. There are a lot of other cvars like r_lightmap and so on. This is not a tweakguide, only a config generator with what I feel are several worth-mentioning options, not hardcore tweaking stuff. I hope you can understand this.

    Please explain the unbindall issue? what do you mean by binding chat history or other things?

  • GeekBait

    I just think inside the “Other” frame should be a place for Chat History.
    (bind “H” “+chat”)

    If i check ‘unbindall’ i have to set the Chat History bind ingame because your generator has no option for it.

    Its not really a problem, im just being picky. :P

  • tryhard

    Great stuff! I will check it out as soon as quakelive is online again after today’s update.
    Best way to execute the config is with an autoexec.cfg i guess.

  • Lashknife

    Well, I just read about the July 14th update and there are some new features worth including (together with some stuff that’s pending like in_mouse choice)

    ASAP :s

  • ColdnessCalms

    Even if you set the gun model to swaying the value is set to 2, which is still gun model, which should probably be fixed :/

    Also, the disable win key option doesn’t work for me, but I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s just my computer, not the config.

  • Lashknife

    thanks! gun model had wrong values in the sway/fixed, swapped them and now 1 = sway, 2 = fixed

    winkey_disable 1 works perfect here (windows vista – firefox), both fullscreen and window mode

  • ColdnessCalms

    Another thing, the images for the old rocket and plasma effects are flip-flopped :) The old rocket/plasma shows a screenshot for the new, and vice-versa :)

  • tak1nho

    thx for ur generator =)
    but im having problems with that in_mouse command (neither -1, 1 or 2 worked), so i just left it out.
    u have to add cg_smoke_SG, cg_smokeRadius_GL and cg_smokeRadius_RL in ur next update (=
    keep up the good work!

  • Lashknife

    good point, i’ll add a checkbox to allow this which will still check for double binding but keep the value in the input fields anyway… or something like that :p

    for the smoke stuff, i know, still working on this and colorpicking for skins

  • Kolja

    i went to user > library > application support > quake live
    there are two folders
    Home,and Baseq3
    home is empty
    and baseq3 has some stuff in it…

    also how do i exec it ?


  • Verta

    Great tool, thanks for creating this Lashknife. I’m new to QL and didn’t fully understand all of the options in the config but the commenting on each entry really helped.

  • Lashknife

    Yes Robbie I know, but have been a bit too busy with the building of my house and some other projects (and of course playing the game, altho that has been reduced to a minimum also :s )

    I need to include updates since august 7th release

    shame on me :)

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  • zoso65

    lashknife I know your a busy man but I’m
    the recruiter for the *RoS* clan and I am really really
    looking forward to the UPDATED CONFIG GENERATOR.
    But thank you for what we have now, its a blessing for noobs

  • bluepr0

    Hey! Thanks for this great config.

    I’ve customized rail and rocket launcher with different FOV and SENS on each one, then I have copied the autoexec.cfg to the baseq3 folder. Seems the bindings and the grpahic configuration is working, but not the SENS and FOV. It should work? or a new quake live updated avoided this?

    thanks for you time!

  • Assassin

    Hi! One question.

    When I use this generator I get a very crappy mouse action.. It gets wonky, just freezes for a sec or two.. can’t mouse look at all.. really annoying. What am I doing wrong?

  • acantho

    THis is great I’ve got full screen, phrases bind to keys and a few other things, but I’m having a couple of problems and feel a bit stupid asking but…..

    I cant seem to get any colour to my name using this, (nor using the console) also I have a clan tag name that I can add easily enough with colour in the “normal” way but using this generator I cant get it to even addd the clan tag let alone the colour to it.

    Any help greatly appreciated.


  • Lashknife

    name and clan should look like the following in the end-resulting-config

    /seta name “^1red^2green”
    /seta clan “^3yellow^4blue”

    keep in mind that a clanname, without color codes, cannot exceed 5 characters and you cannot change your name, only add color codes to it.

    if you can’t get it working, please paste what the generator gives you so i can check for faults…

  • acantho

    This is what the generator is giving me:

    // PLAYER
    // ++++++
    set name “^1a^2c^1a^2n^1t^2h^1o” // Your ingame player name.
    set clan “^1SPANK” // Your ingame clan name.
    set sex “male” // The Gender of the player.

    I reckon I’m doing something stooooopid and thats why the colours aint there. Going to play about with it a bit and see if I can get it to work.

    Thanks for the speedy response.

  • acantho

    mmmhhh nearly there I think, changed it after it generated to this (added / before the set name & clan) now the clan name is showing up in colour :-) but my user name is still all white !

    // PLAYER
    // ++++++
    /set name “^1a^2c^1a^2n^1t^2h^1o” // Your ingame player name.
    /set clan “^1SPANK” // Your ingame clan name.

  • Lashknife

    a cfg file does not require the / before the commands.

    put this in a txt file,rename that to .cfg afterwards and exec from console using: /exec myname.cfg (if you call the file “myname.cfg” of course :p )

    seta name “^1a^2c^1a^2n^1t^2h^1o”


    just that one line, go in quake, open console and type exec myname.cfg
    see if your name got colors now

  • acantho

    I suck at this !

    I seem to either be able to get my named coloured with no clan tag or white with the coloured clan tag.

    Could it be to do with size ? at one point I remember seeing the console saying that there was a character limit of 27 with the colour code I would be greater than this then with 28 characters – I’m thinking that is what it is and I will have to resort to white name and coloured clan tag or coloured name and white clan tag.

    Thanks for the help – I know a little more about putting code in to comps now, not much but every little helps as they say :-)

  • Assassin

    Can’t get the fukn colors to work either. The name I started playing under is still there, in white. I have erased it from all the cfg’s and replaced it with the colorful one.. still doesn’t work. What am I doing wrong?

  • acantho

    STE as far as I can see you are limited to 28 characters including those that give the colour code.

    So in your generator out put it should look like this

    seta name ^1S^2T^1E this should give you alternating red and green colours.

    Hope that helps I’m not 100% on this mysel but it got mine working the way I wanted thanks to Lashknife who took the time out to post above – but I reckonn he’s busy with other things and life and I was lucky to get him on a not so busy day – be patient and play about with the generator out put befor you download it.
    I downloaded a couple of different versions of my out put as I had been playinbg about with it – experimenting – IT DOES WORK and it WORKS WELL !

    THanks Lashknife

  • acantho

    Assassin, forgot to mention above I also had the ingame console opened and put stuff in that – but it should work without having to do that – have a read of the posts between me and Lashknife – it’s all there, though you may need to think a little about what he posted – I’m not literate when it comes to computer program coding and had a few mistakes along the way – but you will get there – I did :-)

  • Slayarf

    Can?t get the fukn colors to work either. The name I started playing under is still there, in white. I have erased it from all the cfg?s and replaced it with the colorful one.. still doesn?t work. What am I doing wrong?

    When you select a color in LashKnife’s config-generator it just inserts the code for you; so if you want your name in red, make sure that “^1″ shows-up in the text box (you will see the characters ^ and 1, not red text).

  • Slayarf

    LashKnife: QL seems to have messed-with/added some colors (e.g. crosshair and rail-gun). Does this site have the new color-number associations posted somewhere such that I can tweek my config manually?

  • Lashknife

    there seems to be a bit of confusion lately for something that i’ve never noticed since my nickname is so short (just Lk)

    the maximum number of characters for clan + name + colors (!!) cannot exceed 26 (or is it 28, the console gives you this error back and makes your name white when you go out of bound on the combined length)


    ^1clan ^7nick^6name is still shorter than 26 but
    ^1c^2l^3a^4n ^5n^6i^7c^1k^2n^3a^4m^5e is longer than 26 resulting in a colored clantag but a failed name showing just white…

    keep that in mind!

    regarding colors: http://lk.kicks-ass.org/imagick/picker.html which is a rough draft of what colorpicking in my new version will look like. The same color codes apply to rail now, just with numbers now (a-z -> 1-26)

  • mouwgli

    can you plz add the bloom effects code..

    and a template such as this (wink wink) will be excellent:

    – Standard (defaults)
    – Vivid: set r_BloomBrightThreshold 0.125; set r_BloomSaturation 1.25; set r_BloomIntensity 1.33; r_BloomSceneSaturation 1.5; set r_BloomSceneIntensity 1.25
    – Cold: set r_BloomBrightThreshold 0.2; set r_BloomSaturation 0.5; set r_BloomIntensity 1.1; r_BloomSceneSaturation 0.5; set r_BloomSceneIntensity 1.0
    – Drunk: set r_BloomBrightThreshold 0.1; set r_BloomSaturation 2; set r_BloomIntensity 4; r_BloomSceneSaturation 1; set r_BloomSceneIntensity 0
    – Grayscale: set r_BloomBrightThreshold 1; set r_BloomSaturation 0; set r_BloomIntensity 0; r_BloomSceneSaturation 0; set r_BloomSceneIntensity 1.25


  • mouwgli

    oh those presets were not mine.. i got it from sponge’s post on the “other” forum.. that’s why i put “wink wink”.. a.ka “wink wink.. nudge nudge.. say no more ..say no more”…! lol


  • Ajdinka

    Ahoj cht?la bych SE NECO Na zeptat.Kdy? si zkou??m hru Tak mi nefunguje my? nev?m CIM pro JE poradte mi zkou?ela jsem d?lat i n?jak? nastaven? jsem LZZ ALE NIC zatuchl? jsem zoufala stra?n? chci hr

  • rem

    Tried this yesterday and wanted to import my config file into Quake 3 Arena.
    Problem: the keys in Q3A are case-sensitive!
    I don’t know how much QL cares for that, but could you write the letters to your generated file in lower-case, too? Thanks.

  • Alex

    Hey dude! Great Job!! Very informative quake quide! But i have a question… I did as u said and downloaded the config to the folder but everytime i change map all my settings disappear my name loses its colours (:D) and i cant send automatic messages through “bind”. I have to do every single time i change a map the same procesures so as to colour my name and set automatic messaging?
    Thanks a lot

  • Lashknife

    How long is your name + clantag + colorcodes?
    I’ve made a comment in the “how to color your nickname” post that QL does not allow more than 26 (or 28) in total or it will strip colors…

    the other thing, about losing settings, sounds strange, since autoexec should run on every quakelive session (that is: if you start from browser) and should be kept in memory when changing maps while in QL.

  • JoelTGM

    Thanks a lot for this! It’s a relief to have the perfect config setup now.
    One setting you should add is set cg_deadBodyDarken “1”. It’s commonly used; it makes it so when a player is killed, their body immediately turns black.

  • Lashknife

    lol this tool is more than a year old, I really need to renew this

    Someone donate me some free time, actually, double the portion so I can play some more besides rewriting this :p

  • Lashknife

    Max, the game is always launched from the website. No website = no QL, even if you’d like to play against bots, you still need the website.

    But the files are locally downloaded by the website itself (and maintained during/after updates)

    Here you can find where to store a config, and in the maps alongside you will find all the downloaded pk3 files

    keep your stuff in the /home/baseq3 folder, ql will keep its files in the /baseq3 next to the /home (there are indeed 2 baseq3 folders so take care to save your stuff in the correct one)

  • Max

    wow i just have a idSoftware folde idSoftware/quakelive-and in the quake live folder i have only 2 links for the quake live forum and the home page link.however i can make the new changes from the generator from the options ingame but i didnt insalled the generator.well the main thing is that i play the game :) im still learnig how to strafe and i almost complete the rocket jump level

  • Lashknife

    No, max, that’s in your startmenu

    you have to go in explorer (my computer) and go to C:documents and settingsUSERNAMEAppDataLocalLowid Softwarequakelivehomebaseq3 (for windows XP) or C:UsersUSERNAMEAppDataLocalLowid Softwarequakelivehomebaseq3 (for Vista/7)

    if you dont see that folder, you’ll have to enable “show hidden folders” in folder options:
    – in windows xp, in explorer click tools -> folder options -> view tab -> find the option “show hidden files and folders” and enable that
    – in vista/7 click Organize -> folder and search options, also view tab and find that same option to show hidden files/folders

    as described in http://www.holysh1t.net/quake-live-config-located-windows/

    good luck

  • Max

    I colored my name from the generator but ingame its still defult color (white) i tried from account settings (i did click save) when i play i press “Tab” and on the score board is white :@

  • Max

    the cvar “oldrail” is 0 so that should be the spiral stile (not the beam stile) but when i play its the beam stile and the color scale is wrong :O 7 should be white but insted its red

  • Lashknife

    Max keep in mind that this generator is from august last year lol
    there are cvars in there that have changed since then…

    my bad for not updating it yet, but that’s how it is ;) (for now)

  • Max

    why when i do the requierment for a reward and it doesent give me it ? ex: in a duel i fraged my oponent with a gountlet but i didnt get the “here goes nothing” reward and most of the reward only 1% players have them

  • Leon

    Max, it ALWAYS gives you the awards, when you do what’s required to get them. Always. Of course, you’ve got to play online against humans, it won’t give you anything from matches against bots. Read more on your profile, under the “Awards” tab, on all the 5 sections see under “Show unearned awards” to see what’s required to earn each award.

    By the way, there’s the forum here on this site for some of your quiestions they will be quickly replied there, and some others (like the awards) ask on the QL forum, not here.

  • Matuka

    Sup, trying to use the tool and ~only~ the player tab will work. Changing the tab won’t work (Basically you can switch tabs, just that the information displayed in those tabs don’t show up — instead they’re replaced with the tabs name).

    I remember using this tool a while back and it was a great tool for a introductory player such as myself. :( Any chance on getting news if this will be fixed?

    I’m using Windows 7 64-Bit + Opera 11. :(

  • Lashknife

    I’m currently rewriting it guys, only tested the player’s tab so far on the site. Stay tuned, time ain’t on my side but I’m working as fast as i can to get it up & running again.

  • DoktorTeeth

    oh, so that’s why only the first tab works… it’s looking pretty sweet so far though.

    While you’re at it, it would be nice to be able to load my existing CFG and custom hud to save a lot of effort… ;)

    also, for editing binds, I’d like to see all existing binds at once… the in-game bind settings only show the binds for each section so once I switch tabs there’s no way to know if I’m overwriting a bind I want to keep. The in-game gui for binds is great, I just don’t understand why they don’t show all occupied binds on it

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