Gaming is serious business… really! Unfortunately “public” often doesn’t match “serious”, so when launched, we immediately took on the challenge of providing the already small QL community with a common channel for pickup games. But what exactly is a pickup game?

Last update: December 6th, 2010

Critical update to counter warmup-lameness!

Apparently people seem to find it funny to !add for a game, then delay their joining on server, only to not do the pummeling because of a random bot decision on who is captain. And then take ages to pick a few players and keep warming up. And that’s the good stuff. The bad stuff is when people spec, cap, join teams, and then decide to screw over the other players by not liking the map and asking for a sub on irc which takes ages before that one joins, imbalancing the pick (if that’s what you want to call it), causing the other players to be annoyed and see them disconnect for a readd. Awesome? Not really…. rather childish imo.

So to counter all that bullshit, we’re going to try some countermeasures and – sadly enough – punishments:

  • Getting a sub should be used when you can’t play for normal reasons, not because you dislike the teams picked or because you don’t like the chosen map!
  • Not showing up on server within 5 minutes without leaving a notice to the other players that you went out to take a crap or make a sandwich! (yes 5, not 10 like mentioned below!!)
  • Delaying the pummel because you chicken out from doing a little gauntletting. C’mon people it already takes long enough as it is to get a game going!
  • Wasting time instead of just getting on with the player picking. (Now I know this will be difficult to check on, but if you get busted by an admin, whooptidoo deal with it)

The fun part: punishments: admin decision based! Which comes down to: if you keep screwing up, you get more time!

Complaints? Talk to us!

Introduction: what is a pickup game?

Pickup games are organized by players who like to have a decent, fun game, played from start to buzzer! The idea should be that people don’t leave midgame, teams are balanced, there is basic teamplay going on. All this to counter the annoying chaotic random gameplay that we all encounter when choosing to join any public server out there. These pickup games are formed on IRC (err, IRC what?), so you will have to be connected to our channel on Quakenet IRC to be able to add to play along.

Once you’re on the channel, one of the operators is the pickup bot (currently ZeroBot) who listens to commands that users give in order to get games going. This bot will also notify you when the game is ready to start. Just type !commands to get a list of all possible things to say to the bot. Obviously the most important one being !add to add yourself to one of the available gametypes (!add ctf and/or !add ctf5 are the most used)

When enough players have added, a game for a particular gametype will start. At this moment, a Pro Subscriber (all people with voice (+) on channel) will spawn a server, paste the details in the channels, and all players connect to that server. Once all players have joined, everyone except the captains spec up so the caps can pummel to see who gets map/first pick. After the captains have chosen their players, a map has been voted, the players can quickly arrange positions and tasks for their team and ready up to kick ass!


Comes without saying that in order to have smooth pickup games, some rules are in place. Not following rules can lead to a punishment. REMEMBER: admins created the rules, but they can easily bend them where they see it necessery to ensure proper gameplay and/or channel behaviour.

General rules

  • Channel language is English oriented, respect this! Of course fellow countrymen can quickly exchange couple of words in their own language, but nobody likes a wall of text that looks like Einstein’s Math on a piece of toilet paper. It’s not polite!
    • 1st: warning
    • 2nd: kick with reason
    • 3rd and onward: kick with reason + ban (5min/6hr/1d/… – admin decision)
  • Be swift during pickup! Don’t waste each others time by joining late from irc (noshow if it takes you longer than 10min to show up) or by jumping/shooting around foolishly when captains need to sort out the pummel. Join, spec, join your team when chosen, vote quickly on mapvote, arrange player positions, ready up!

Pickup rules

  • Captains pummel with 100/100 or less, more means you forfeit the pummel if specs point it out. Indicate you’re ready by firing up your gauntlet briefly or saying so.
  • Picking order is (1-1-)1-1-1-1-1-2-1. This means the pummel winner has both 1st pick and last pick, in an effort to balance out teams.
  • Mapvote goes to pummel winner. This to give an incentive to win the pummel and not fake-lose it so you give up first pick but get mapchoice (previously used).
  • Take notice that the server-spawner cannot vote the map, or his admin-vote will automatically push it. The choice of map lies with the pummel winner, but the voting is still a democratic event. However, no more than 3 vote-rounds are allowed!
  • WARNING AND REMINDER TO CAPTAINS: pickup is not about winning 5-0 with stacked-picked teams because you happened to be the better pummeler. It is about having a non pub-hero, position-played game of QL where teams are hopefully balanced
  • It is up to all players to help out captains who don’t know everybody. Help them pick wisely to make balanced teams and the match will be more pleasant and balanced!

The map pool

The map pool is based on 4on4 gameplay, but 5on5 and 2on2 are no exceptions in pickups. Use your brain and pick a decent map! Also, suggestions on which maps need to be in the map pool are highly appreciated, so let us know!

  • Troubled Waters (ctf2)
  • Ironworks (ctf7)
  • Siberia (ctf8)
  • Courtyard (ctf10)
  • Japanese Castles (cp1)
  • Shining Forces (cp5)
  • Base Siege (No runes!)
  • Rebound (No runes!)
  • Campgrounds Redux
  • Temple Of Retribution
  • Grim Dungeons
  • Hidden Fortress
  • Trinity
  • Dreadful Place
  • Realm of Steel Rats
  • Intervention
  • Purgatory
  • Campgrounds
  • Bloodrun
  • Battleforged
  • Devilish
  • Hidden Fortress
  • Furious Heights
  • Intervention
  • Solid
  • Asylum
  • Trinity
  • Quarantaine
  • Campgrounds
  • Hidden Fortress
  • Overkill

Server settings

  • Quad: 3x
  • Spawn protection: off
  • Ramp jumping: off
  • Instagib: only for iCTF
  • Damage through floors: off
  • Powerups: enabled
  • No changes to gravity


  • “I’m new to pickup” mistakes: you should have read the rules first ;) A kick + message to get your attention to where you slipped up! (Or a short temporary ban if the admins deem it necessary.)
  • noshow: the typical 1-day ban message in case you missed the game you signed up for and did not arrange a substitute! Other players will usually not demand you get banned if a sub was easily available, but that does not clear you from this mistake, so pay attention when added!
  • Take care to remove yourself if you go to bed! This often results in a 3 to 6 hour sleepyhead ban for messing up first game in the morning!
  • Don’t be late! If you’re not on server within 10 minutes, especially without having given notice about something you’re doing when game was announced, will cost you a noshow!
  • Added, game ready, but don’t feel like playing? Get a sub or get a ban (1 day usually)
  • Ragequit? Easy: 1 day.
  • Trolls can gtfo! 1 day, 2 days, 1 week or longer, the choice lies with the admins depending on how much of an idiot you are.
  • Ban-dodging simply makes your ban last longer, so don’t?
  • Admins reserve the right to set or unset a ban when they see fit, without granting favors! If you feel you’ve been banned incorrectly, query the admins and present them your case. We’re all humans and everyone makes a mistake now and then!


  • Voiced (+) users on IRC are able to spawn servers. Message Lashknife on IRC to get a voice if you’re a Pro Subscriber.
  • Pro Subscribers spawn servers. Not only that, they can invite up to 2 ‘Standard’ players but agree to be invited before the game is ready, as Premium content will be used for pickup games!

If there are any further questions or comments, please contact an admin on on Quakenet.