Can you play Quake Live on linux or mac?

Unfortunately, as of 17/12/2013 this is no longer possible. Quake Live is Windows only.

Yes you can! Just visit the Quake Live website and follow the on screen instructions!

As tested with timedemos on dualboot machines it is actually proven that the Linux version is faster than the Windows version!

So if you are using Apple MacOS or GNU/Linux, visit the site and join in on the fragging mayhem!


  • Malice

    Thanks for letting us know

    Seems like you wrote a little article about it as well. Gonna hot link it for the other curious minds:

    The only solution to playing Quake Live for those of us who run Linux is to ether dual boot or run in a Virtual Box. Unfortunately my experiences wasn?t so great, as it ran at diabolical fps. That was mainly due to the fact that i was running Windows XP in Virtual Box OSE on my HP Pavilion, which comes installed with Vista. Anyone who ever tried to downgrade from Vista knows how much of a pain it is to find the drivers. Nvidia don?t make the specific drivers but the OEM does for the specific laptop. The HP website doesn?t offer XP drivers for the graphics card, only Vista ones and all my searching the Internet didn?t come back with a decent solution. None of the half dozen drivers I tried worked. So I blamed not having a graphics card driver installed, the reason for not being able to play it without rebooting my laptop.

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