Changing the Quake Live crosshair colors

Changing the crosshair colors to your personal preference has proven to be very important to many quakers, considering the many requests for this feature.

Now that id software has installed this feature you can easily apply it by either changing your menu settings or updating your personal quake live config.

To change the Quake Live crosshair color through the console or in your config, use the command:

cg_crosshaircolor X

Quake Live features a color scheme including a total of 26 colors. You can still find the basic colors (like those you’re used to from setting your nicknames and clantags), by the following numbers.

1 = red
5 = yellow
9 = green
13 = cyan
17 = blue
24 = pink
25 = white

Everything in between these numbers is a mix of the different colors. It’s also possible to set your crosshair in the ingame menu, just go to “Game settings” and you will find the following area to set crosshair style and color

Crosshair settings in “Game settings” ingame menu

For this crosshair color command to have effect you must first be sure to turn off the crosshair health option (this option changes the crosshair color according to your health status). To remove crosshair health use the following command in the console or in your config:

cg_crosshairhealth 0

Read these Quake Live config customization tips for many more useful console commands.