Update: ESAGamer.com to add Quake Live

A new multigaming tournament provider called ESAGamer.com has added Quake Live to it’s website after making a post on ESR. Of course people immediately requested Quake Live to be added, which the site owner has now done. The site is still preparing for it’s launch, expected somewhere in January, but it’s possible to reserve your nickname already to get you going as soon as the site goes live.

ESAGamer.com has several other games in it’s list such as Dota2 and League of Legends, which usually draws a lot of viewers. Quake Live could potentially benefit from this, but that other new arena FPS is also featured on the site. The site offers a tournament system with cash prizes and a ranking system where you can follow your own progress.

The more publicity and signups this site gets, the more and better sponsorship it will gain to host the tournaments so don’t feel shabby to register and make sure to select Quake Live as your go-to game!

Update: I have just been given the following press release:

ESA GAMER LIMITED announces the formation of a new tournament provider which opens for beta in January. The ESA confirm the appointment of Vid ‘esdf’ Maric as the senior admin for QuakeLive tournaments to help grow QuakeLive as a competitive community as part of the ESA.

The ESA intend on launching with a limited number of FPS and MOBA games including League of Legends, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Starcraft 2 and now QuakeLive amongst others. The ESA are yet to fully disclose how their company will operate however, they have promised free entry cash prized tournaments with commission free pay to play tournaments with many more features reserved for launch.

The ESA intend on launching for open beta in January and are using December populate the site before launch. Take advantage of being in the know and reserve your alias before it gets busy.

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