Holysh1t Moment of Fame

spotlight1Have you ever done something nice in Quake Live and wanted to share it with other players? We are now starting to host a frag display that might include your moment.

It doesn’t have to be all about fragging, it could be something that made you laugh when it happened. We will not give out any prize for the time being if we display your clip. You don’t have to be a pro player, everyone is welcome to send in their contribution.

Send in the demo.

All you have to do is, send the demo file via email to infy.inferno@gmail.com with a description of what happens, the time it begins as well as time duration.

If you have any questions about this please pm us at our IRC channel.
Don’t hesitate, grab your time in the spotlight!

Please read the updated instructions below the trailer, thank you!

“Holysh1t Moment” Trailer by Boleslav69

Updated guidelines for sending in demos to Boleslav69!

We would like you to pay attention on how to send demos for MOF:

Good example:

Torzelan-2m36s-6frags.dm_73 – Just name your demo similar to this (no readme necessary) Your nickname, time that frag starts, and brief description what to look for. Also time should be as it is counting UP not DOWN (cg_leveltimerdirection 1).
Or if you have multiple scenes in same demo this is a good example aswell: jones-[0m45][1m40][1m55][5m45][9m40][11m45][12m15]-air-rox&trick-jump.dm_73

Now, the bad example: (click to enlarge)

Nothing personal just would be nice if you don’t do it like this please :)

So keep’em coming for more compilations of our Moment of Fame series!