QLPP18 preview with new gametype

Sponge has released an update for the Quake Live preview section. In this preview 4 maps are shown: 2 duel maps, 1 FFA map and 1 CTF map. But what’s really exciting about this preview is that a new gametype has been announced. For those who love to play DeFRaG will be happy to see the new Race gametype. In it’s current setup, racers will have to capture flags along checkpoints and get to the finish in the shortest time possible. The preview shows several screenshots of the gametype.

The duel maps are made by bst and cityy. Delirium, the map made by bst, is described as map that is larger than usual for duel but allows people with movement skills to quickly travel and suprise their opponent. Cityy’s map Fuse has indoor and outdoor locations and several ledges between the different levels to surprise enemies and to make trickjumping more interesting for those who can use it.

Golgotha Core is a FFA map. This map is said to be railgun heavy and the 3 powerups (2 cycled) make sure that this map will result in a frag fest.

Finally, the new CTF map Pillbox will have you running around flipping switches and spamming grenades through hatches and holes. In the center is a bridge over lava that can be dropped down so we’ll have to see if this map can turn into something interesting for the CTF community.

We’ve updated our Preview section with info and screenshots on the content in our next release, due within the next couple of weeks. We’re excited to get this out the door, so head on over and check it out!