Standard mappool for March

A new standard mappool has been released in the rotation scheme. Maps that jump out are Terminatria and Toxicity, but CTF players will be happy to see Cold Cathode in the pool along with Ironworks and Japanese Castles! You can enjoy these maps until April 1st, who knows what we will get on that day.

The March 2013 Standard arena rotation is now online. On the first Monday of each month, we will be cycling the Standard arena pool. Rather than only having access to the same standard arenas day in and day out, each month we will now feature 24 arenas selected as playable for Standard-level matches. 

Newly released arenas will remain exclusive for at least three months, but every other arena is eligible to be included in the cycle.

Standard Map Pool:
Start date: March 4, 2013
End date: April 1, 2013

Beyond Reality (CTF)
Brimstone Abbey
Cold Cathode (CTF)
Cold War
Concrete Palace
Double Impact (CTF)
Gothic Rage
Hell’s Gate Redux
Hero’s Keep
Hidden Fortress
Ironworks (CTF)
Japanese Castles (CTF)
Nameless Place
Reflux (CTF)
Stronghold (CTF)
Vertical Vengeance
Windsong Keep