Is it possible to change your Quake Live nickname?

No, it’s not possible to change your nickname in Quake Live. The only thing you can change about your nickname is the following:

  • Capital letters or lowercase letters

However, what you can do to get a new nickname is create a new account in Quake Live (not possible if your account is linked to Steam).

Id Software does not care too much about duplicate accounts. Quake live does not exclusively use the number of registered accounts as a reference for traffic and popularity. The userbase statistics would be very inaccurate which would not convince potential advertisers. Don’t spam too many new accounts either though, just as a precaution.


Read these Quake Live config customization tips for many more useful console commands.


  • <cite>FNG</cite>

    I’ve been playing for a year using cfg made by Your config.generator everything used to be OK. Now I don’t see my name it says UNNAMED PLAYER even when I’ve changed my complete donfig using again generator,everything is just fine all the settings except my name FNG .I’ve typed it with caps I’ve changed the color.Nothing happens. Question is off topic here I know but I need help PLZ.

  • <cite>Lashknife</cite> (dunno if you’re a prem/pro user, else i don’t think they’ll help you)

    what happens if you set your clan to “” and name to yourname but without coloring?
    use in console: seta name “FNG” and seta clan “”

    or go in the game settings/profile settings to set your nick there (has to be same as your account name of course, you cannot change nicknames!)

  • <cite>Molo</cite>

    Its possible to change your nickname. I changed mine from MolotovSolution to Molo.
    What you need to do is go to “Account Setting”, then select “Open Support Request” and in the list, select “Change account information”.
    Type for an example:
    “Hey! I want to change my nickname from MolotovSoluytion to Molo!”

    You might need a premium or pro account to do this tho.

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