EU 2v2 TDM Tournament October 26th


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Update: Thanks to InFerNo from we now have two 1-month pro tokens to whichever team takes first place and another two 1-month tokens to a team selected at random*

*Teams must play at least one match to qualify.

Redditor crazyal_ is organising a 2v2 TDM tournament on October 26th, available to everyone worldwide, but note that matches will be played on EU servers. The tournament is open for people of all tiers. New players can signup and see how well they match up against other teams. People that are without teams can sign up and get teamed up with someone else. Read the rest of this post for all the necessary details.


26th October, Check-in opens at 13:00 CEST, tourney begins at 14:00 CEST.

How to play:

Sign up here. One player from each team must sign up with both players names in the field. Failure to do this will result in your sign up being removed until it’s done right. (Click here for an example on how to sign up with a name that is different from your challonge username)


  • Single Elimination, all matches are best-of-three.
  • Server settings, import these if you are creating a server.
  • You can check-in at our irc channel #qlreddit@quakenet by PM’ing ‘crazyal‘ or ‘tepes‘.
  • You are required to remain in the IRC channel until the tourney has concluded or your team gets eliminated.

Maps & Picking:

Winner of cointoss chooses who picks first.

Both players pick one map then remove maps until one tie breaker map remains.

  • Devilish
  • Campgrounds
  • Blood Run
  • Hidden Fortress
  • Almost Lost

Helpful Links:

Admins: CrazyAl and 7ep3s .

#qlreddit IRC channel

Get Mumble

Our Mumble server, teams that need voice comm are welcome to use this;

  • – password: vbnm

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