InfinityFrags putting QL on Youtube

InfinityFrags is putting tutorials and antics out on Youtube. Their first videos can already be viewed on their Youtube channel. These tutorials will cover the basics of Quake Live weapons. They are also looking for demos to create fun frag movies so check below for all the necessary info.

Infinity Frags is a new, regular Quake Live Channel run by VinuJ and Adam (domdomegg). Together we are the start of a new generation of Quake Live players. When we both started the game the first thing we noticed is the lack of:

  1. Regular Quake Live Youtubers
  2. Manuals/tutorials on how to really improve at the game (and the in-game ones… well…)

If you exclude tutorials from when Quake Live was first released, which are 3 or 4 year old videos recorded on Potato V0.3 BETA, we couldn’t find anything. This worsens the already steep learning curve of Quake Live, which in our opinion is a reason why it was seen as “dying” as people come, see its too hard, get no help and leave. This is very sad as for us and probably for many of you, Quake Live is a very good game that is not just very fun to play, but also develops your skills for quite a few other PC FPS games.

At our channel we hope to change this. We are planning to regularly make tutorials and well edited frag movies.

Currently we are making a tutorial series on how to master the Quake Live weapons. Feedback would be greatly appreciated and share any tips or anything awesome to help the Quake community.

== Join us ==

Send in some demos to be awesome-ised in frag movies, just contact us through any of the things above.

Click this link to become a master at Quake Live!

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