How to open the console in Quake Live?

You might need your console pretty often to customize quake live. But how exactly do you open the Quake Live console?

Opening the quake live console for the first time can be done with the key combination Ctrl + Alt + ² on an azerty keyboard or Ctrl + Alt + ~ on a qwerty keyboard.  In both cases it’s the key next to the “1” on the far left side.


Once you’ve reached the game console, type com_allowconsole 1. This command will allow you to open the console by just typing ² key on an azerty keyboard  or the ~ key on a qwerty keyboard, so you no longer will need to use CTRL+ALT.

There you go, now you know how to open the console in Quake Live. Next up, customizing the game to your needs!

Read these Quake Live config customization tips for many more useful console commands.


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