QLDrafts CTF Draft League

I’m happy to announce that after a long time of preparation the league is finally here. Here’s a quick overview on where to sign up and what’s expected of you. In addition to this, please read the FULL document that explains in detail what’s expected of players along with standard crime & punishment part.

Sign up info

  • Web page: http://qld.znur.re
  • Meeting place: #qldrafts @ irc.quakenet.org
  • Sign up start: Tuesday, March 17th
  • Sign up end*: Friday, March 27th / never
  • League start: Monday, March 30th
  • Format**: 4v4 CTF, 2 games / week
  • Map pool***: Courtyard, Infinity, Ironworks, Japanese Castles, Pillbox, Shining Forces, Siberia, Spider Crossings, Stonekeep, Troubled Waters

* whoever signs up after the end date will be put on the substitutes list.
** 2 games per week so the league doesn’t get drawn out.
*** map pool might be expanded if id software releases some interesting new maps.

Rules excerpt

These are not the full rules, just a short excerpt. Please read the FULL rules (linked below) before you sign up.

  • Everyone is welcome to play, no skill requirements
  • Don’t sign up if you can’t play
  • Deciding not to play after March 27th get you banned from the next tournament
  • Games are to be played on German servers with Dutch ones as back up in case DE servers flip out again
  • Each team has to play 2 games per week
  • Being over 20 minutes late to server will result in a def loss
  • The default play days are Monday and Sunday, 19:00 CET
  • PM the admins in #qldrafts if you arrange a new play date
  • Report the results to admins in #qldrafts along with match link (found on your QL profile’s match history)

With all that being said, if someone wants to help out with the admining task feel free to /query esdf on QuakeNet.

Links: website, #qldrafts, rules

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