QLReddit Duel Tourney #2

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QuakeLive Reddit channel organizes a 1v1 tournament on Sunday 13:00 GMT, 18 January 2015.

Read the full rules below before signing up. Sign-ups are open here to anyone with a QuakeLive account older than 3 months & with over 300 duels.


  • Must have a QL account older than 3 months and with over 300 duels.
  • Check-in at our irc channel #qlreddit@quakenet by PM’ing ‘crazyal‘ or ‘tepes‘.
  • You are required to remain in the IRC channel until the tourney has concluded or you are eliminated.
  • The tourney is not restricted to European players only, but it is restriced to European servers.



1st: 3-Month Pro token

2nd: 1-Month Pro token

3rd: 1-Month Pro token


Lower bracket matches are best of one (Bo1).

Upper bracket matches are best of three (Bo3).

Grand final is best of five (Bo5).

Maps & Picking:

Callvote cointoss; winner decides who picks first.

Bo1: each player eliminates a map until one remains.

Bo3: drop, drop, pick, pick, drop, drop

Bo5: pick, pick, pick, pick, drop, drop

  • Aerowalk
  • Cure
  • Blood Run
  • Furious Heights
  • Lost World
  • Silence
  • Sinister

Helpful Links:

QLReddit livestream¬† If anyone feels confident enough to come on stream and cast some games, feel free to contact ‘crazyal‘ or ‘tepes‘.

Admins: CrazyAl and 7ep3s.

#qlreddit IRC channel

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