Quake Live TDM LAN in Belgium

I have joined gaming event organiser vzw Freaks At Work to work on the next edition of The Storm, a BYOC LAN hosted in Belgium, 10 to 12 October 2014. This time The Storm will offer a Quake Live TDM competition that is hosted outside of the BYOC tournaments. The competition in TUP formula, has a base prizepool of €200, 12 subscriptions memberships and 40 additional subscription tokes to be distributed amongst our guests.

More information about the event can be found on the official website of The Storm. Quake Live LAN specific news and information can be found on ESR.

The Storm 14 is the 14th LAN event organised by vzw (non-profit) Freaks At Work since 2006, hosting a healthy mix of competition and fun. We unite communities and provide a platform for fair tournaments. More information about the hosted tournaments can be found on thestorm.be. This list is not complete and can be modified in the future, depending on sign-ups, requests and sponsorships.

You can register on our website and order a ticket. You don’t have to pay immediately but this will put you on the attendees list for others to see. If later you decide to not attend we can easily remove you from this list. When paying, mention Quake Live to be eligible for the 30€ entry fee (you cannot participate in other tournaments).

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