Quake Live update July 2014

A small update has been released yesterday that follows up on the new subscription model. Some premium features are now permanently available to standard users and it is said that new features only for subscribers will be added in future updates. Nothing more is said about those features, but the transferred features are very welcome to standard players. A whole bunch of game updates and map updates complete the package.

Standard users will be able to make use of the different killbeep sounds as well as see how many frags they made while holding the Quad or Battle Suit, but the most interesting features are the advanced scoreboards and the possibility to specify your starting weapons. Especially for Clan Arena players this will be a very interesting option. In other gamemodes or custom games your preferred weapon might not always be available, cg_preferredStartingWeapon allows you to specify a range of preferred weapons by either using the weapon number or the abbreviation (rl, gl, mg, lg).

The other new standard features are the use of the weapon config menu and options to force team and enemy skins. You will be able to specify in detail how you want a weapon to behave individually and how your team and the enemies look like ingame.



Some of the most interesting game updates are the new overhead indicators. They have been overhauled and it’s been made more clear when a teammate has died. Also, when someone picks up the Quad Damage everyone is now informed via a global chat message of who picked it up. That and more, in this Quake Live update, you can read the log below or on the Quake Live news section.

Site Update – July 9, 2014

Today we have released a small update for QUAKE LIVE. As of today, several of the classically “premium-only” features have been cycled into the realm of standard-content for everyone to enjoy. In the coming updates we will now be adding new features for our subscribers to enjoy, but we felt that now was a good time to begin making some of our long standing perks available to everyone who plays. In addition to this we’ve also included a number of small fixes and improvements.

Features moved to Standard accounts:

  • Advanced Scoreboards, including a newly added Freeze Tag scoreboard
  • Killbeep Sounds
  • Quad and Battle Suit Kill Counters
  • Weapon Config Menu
  • Define your preferred order of starting weaposn (cg_preferredStartingWeapon)
  • Force Team Skin and Force Enemy Skin options

Game Updates:

  • New overhead teammate indicators (friendly triangles) that relay teammate health status
  • Reduced default cg_drawHitFriendTime to 100ms to better suit the new icon system
  • New teammate death icon to clearly distinguish hurt teammates from dead teammates under the new health icon system
  • Teammate crosshair names now use the same health color indicators as the new overhead icons
  • Don’t display dead teammate icons in FreezeTag (as their frozen icon will be present)
  • Broadcast a power-up pickup chat message to inform you who picked up a freshly spawned power-up
  • Crosshair hit style now defaults to damage colors.
  • cg_drawCrosshair was defaulting to different values in cg_main and ui_main, they now both default to “2”
  • All clients will now use cl_maxpackets 125.
  • Print when an admin passes or vetoes a callvote.
  • Fixed a bug that would add marks to the surface of thin volumes of liquid near an impact. (Reported on Terminatria)
  • Fixed crosshair 14’s broken alpha channel
  • For the nostalgic ones, added the original Q3 crosshairs: 20-29
  • Minor fixes to the UI/HUD files
  • Fixed a lot of non-power of two textures that were reported to be causing issues.
  • Added Start-a-Match commands to tab auto-complete
  • No longer default to using forced bright models.

Arena Updates:

  • Arcane Citadel – Battle Suit switched for MH, JP added at MH ledge, PG (at high YA) switched for RL
  • Arkinholm – Added Race support
  • Blood Run – Fixed clipping at YA ad
  • Brimstone Abbey – Fixed doubled over health bubbles in team modes, Fixed clipping in curves
  • Double Impact – Removed the RA room. Placed RA in mid. Teleporters in mid low, go to mid high.
  • Hen House – Added Race support
  • New Cerberon – Race and DOM support
  • Overkill – Fixed stray quad stuck in solid
  • Pillbox – Added two spawns in mid.
  • Silence – Fixed wall supports near RA that didn’t touch the wall.
  • Terminatria – Fixed NPOT item decals

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