Reddit Duel community games for EU

If you’re looking for practice and you don’t want to get your ass handed to you all the time when you join random servers, look no further. CrazyAl90 from Reddit has been organising Community Games geared towards newer people. If you want to be more competitive but at your own pace, join the Community Games.  Monday and wednesday are aimed towards duel, saturday is all in the name of team modes. I will try to tweet when Community Games are hosted, so follow us to be reminded.

You can join in today at 6PM CET!


  • Monday @ 6:00pm until midnight CET [NEWBIE DUEL]
  • Wednesday @ 6:00pm until midnight CET [REGULAR DUEL]
  • Saturday @ 3:00pm until 7:00pm CET [TEAM MODES]

How to play:

  • Add me on QuakeLive, my nick is CrazyAl90.
  • Once I’ve accepted, message me and let me know you want to play!
  • Standard level players be sure to let me know if you need an invite as the server will be premium so we can play any map.
  • Once you’re in the server, join spectators and type !add in chat to join the queue.
  • IMPORTANT: The server will be invite only so if you want to play you must message me on QuakeLive to ask for an invite!



  • Time limit: 10 minutes
  • Server location: Germany
  • Winner stays on. (Max. 3 games)

All of the rules are subject to change.


  • Password: rddt


Feel free to post any questions/suggestions in the comments below, PM me or catch me on IRC (#qlreddit @ quakenet – webchat[2] ).

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