Removing Rocket Smoke in Quake Live

Sure, the ingame rocket smoke in Quake Live might look great in frag videos, but during the game itself it doesn’t really help you much. In the Q3 CPMA modification you could change the size of the rocket smoke trail, yet in Quake Live this isn’t possible. All you can do in Quake Live is just removing the ingame rocket smoke trail.

To remove the rocket smoke first open the console or go to your quake live config file and enter the command cg_smokeRadius_RL 0 (the size of the smoketrail is determined by the value of this cvar).

There, now you should be able to spam rockets all day long without having any smoke decrease the visibility of the game!

Read these Quake Live config customization tips for many more useful console commands.

Some other interesting cvars to disable more smoke are

cg_smoke_SG 0
cg_smokeRadius_dust 0
cg_smokeRadius_flight 0
cg_smokeRadius_GL 0
cg_smokeRadius_haste 0
cg_smokeRadius_NG 0


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