Small game update

Id Software has released a small game update to Quake Live., mostly to fix exploits and callvote bugs. I think the most important bit about this update is that the bots will properly switch weapons when they run out of ammo and Clan Arena won’t crash when there are more players than spawn points on the map anymore. So people playing Clan Arena against bots, rejoice!

Today’s release is a maintenance update to address a small number of exploits revealed in recent weeks, as well as address an outstanding issue in our spawn code which would result in server crashes when a match had more players than spawn points. Toss in an important bot update to restore their ability to proper switch weapons when out of ammo, and some callvote validation checks and we have a nice little update to test out our first scheduled update since moving to a standalone client.

Code Updates:

  • Fixed an exploit in the autodownload system that could cause players to respawn without penalty.
  • Fixed an exploit that would allow players to score lower in Race than they normally would.
  • Fixed an exploit in the callvote system that would allow players to empty the server.
  • Round based games, such as Clan Arena, will no longer crash when the server has more players than spawn points, and the map has no team spawn points to fall back on as a last resort.
  • Bots will now switch weapons after running out of ammo.
  • Removed ‘Connection Interrupted’ message that occurs after a map_restart under normal connectivity conditions.
  • Improved argument validation on most of the callvote commands.

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