We have moved

Holysh1t has been down too often in the last months, due to a (probable) misconfiguration on our VPS. Me and Lashknife have moved to a new server, hosted in Amsterdam, NL. This new VPS has been running for a few months without going down once so we hope that all issues are now resolved.

I have also disabled registration for new users, at least I think I did when I unchecked “anyone can register” 🙂 If there’s enough interest for user interaction I will first need to put some Captcha on the site before opening for new users again. All existing users have been transfered, if you have forgotten your password, please perform a password reset.

We are keeping the site up and running as we are still seeing 400+ unique visitors daily, and we hope to restore faith with people who have used the site’s resources in the past but abandoned us due to the downtimes.

We have refreshed the look of the site while we were at it, so enjoy the new layout. If you see issues with the template, please contact me on inferno@holysh1t.net or leave a message if you already had an account.

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