Changing enemy model visibility in Quake Live

Quake Live has many different enemy skins you can choose from. Id software’s Quake Live team has done a great job improving the graphics of existing quake 3 skins, as well as adding a varierty of new skins to the game. Yet when it comes to racking up frags, a varied series of dark and often hard to see enemy skins will not help you a lot.

Yet, nothing to worry about because there’s a way to force Quake Live to display one model for all the enemy players. To accomplish this you must open the game console or go to your quake live config file and insert the command cg_forceEnemyModel “X”. You can choose which model you want to force in the game by changing the X with a model name of your choice.

For optimal sound and visibility of your enemies during the game I would definitely suggest using the green Keel/bright or TankJr/bright skins. The command you should use would then look something like this:

cg_forceEnemyModel keel/bright.

Voila, you will now see and hear all the enemies from miles away. The models that have bright skins are the following:

cg_forceEnemyModel tankjr/bright.
cg_forceEnemyModel keel/bright.
cg_forceEnemyModel crash/bright.
cg_forceEnemyModel visor/bright.

An alternative to the very green bright skins are the sport bright skins. They are a mix of green and white:

cg_forceEnemyModel tankjr/sport.
cg_forceEnemyModel keel/sport.
cg_forceEnemyModel crash/sport.
cg_forceEnemyModel visor/sport.

An example of the Keel/bright skin can be viewed in the video below, thanks to Gimpylung!

To remove the forced model just replace the skin name by two ” characters. Like this: cg_forceEnemyModel “”.

Read our Quake Live config customization tips for many more useful console commands.


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